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CAPPDT (Canadian Association for Professional Pet Dog Trainers):; includes a member listing of professional pet dog trainer (all committed to a professional code of ethics including the use of dog-friendly methods), training articles, announcement of national yearly conferences, etc. The website of a non-profit organization dedicated to safety between dogs and children. Simply fabulous!  The companion site to above, offering a dog-safety related board game, a Clicker Puppy CD and other products related to safety between children and dogs. Offers Kids and Storks, a program to prepare and ensure safety around the arrival of a new baby to a home with dog.
: Canadian supplier for dog training books, videos and equipment
: “Excellent educational material dealing with dog training, behaviour and health issues.
: US supplier for dog training books, videos, toys and equipment.
: The most comprehensive website for adoptable pets.
:  A new educational website with information on anything ‘dog’. Makers of greatest chew toy ever invented


B. Aloff: Canine Body Language, 2005. “A photographic guide. Interpreting the native language of the domestic dog.”

N.Baer and S.Duno: Choosing a Dog, 1995. “Your guide to picking the perfect breed.”

W.E. Campbell: Behaviour Problems in Dogs, 1999, written for the pet professional; New Better Behavior in Dogs, 1999, written for the dog owner.

S. Clothier: Bones Would Rain from the Sky, 2002.  “Deepening our relationships with Dogs.”

Dr. S. Coren: How Dogs Think, 2004. “Understanding the Canine Mind.”

Dr. N. Dodman: The Dog Who Loved Too Much, 1996. “Tales, Treatments, and the Psychology of Dogs.”

J. Donalson: Culture Clash, 1996. “A revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and dogs.”

B. Fisher and S. Delzio: So Your Dog’s Not Lassie, 1998. “Tips for training difficult dogs and independent breeds.”

P. McConnell: The Other End of the Leash, 2002. “Why we do what we do around dogs.”

P. Miller: The Power of Positive Dog Training, 2001.

P. Reid: Excel-erated Learning, 1996. “Explaining in plain English how dogs learn and how best to teach them”

T.Rugaas: On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals. On the body language of dogs.

S. Sternberg: Successful Dog Adoption, 2003. The best advice including tests of how to find a good dog.

D. Tortora: The Right Dog for You, 1980. “Choosing a breed that matches your personality, family and life-style.”


From The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit. The best written resource for how to live with and teach a puppy of 18 weeks and under. Highly accessible and user-friendly.

Dr. I. Dunbar: Before You Get Your Puppy. Available for a free down-load from  and his follow-up book After You Get Your Puppy. Clicker Puppy DVD, articles on prevention of resource guarding and much more.


T.Rugaas: Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You. Body language of dogs. Video.

S. Kalnajs: The Language of Dogs. DVD