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From course evaluation questionnaires (Kindergarten Puppy class):

“What did you like most about this course?”

“Informative, result oriented, reward based, meeting other puppy owners”

“Handouts very helpful - fun atmosphere - like watching pups learn and grow week to week - very organized class”

“The calm confidence with which you delivered the course and the confidence and encouragement you gave me/us. …Extremely happy with everything you have done and given us. Thank you (smiley face)”

“Small group, clear instructions, homework sheets… Excellent (instructor)”

From course evaluation questionnaires (Obedience & More):

“What did you particularly like?”

“Excellent, very knowledgeable instructor”

“Patience, Enthusiasm”

“Small class, plain language, How dogs think”

 “Individual attention from the instructor and assistant”

“The general gentle training concept”

From course evaluation questionnaires (‘Re-Socializing Your Dog Safely’): “What did you particularly like?”

“Precise direction on how to handle various situations”

“The detailed insight into Dog language…  being more aware of his signals and how to react in a positive manner.”

“Interaction with other dogs ...The instructors were VERY knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”

“One on one helpful hints… very good interaction with dogs and students”

“Very well presented in a calm and caring way”


From Breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Chihuahuas:
Teri Hyde, who is sending clients my way:

“I am happy to do this because I know that they get the very best advice possible from you...”


Private Clients:
From Elizabeth Fels and her Airedale puppy ‘Fox’:

“Letter of Recommendation:

Domena Diesing is, unquestionably, one of the best trainers of dogs and their people with whom I have worked. I have shared my life with all sorts and conditions of dogs – Sheepdogs and Scottys, Labradors and Bouviers, Newfoundlands and Airedales, and shelter and rescue dogs of mixed heritage. I have, therefore, been involved in a lot of obedience work. ..

Domena has a depth of professional expertise based upon years of study and extensive research. She can discuss and explain queries regarding the history of the dog, its stages of physical and mental development, and the nutritional needs and processes. She also has an intuitive understanding of the dog: its heart and mind, as well as an intuitive understanding of its family. Together these qualities offer an opportunity for training so that dog and handler are taught as one.

I have an Airedale puppy that needed patience, persistence, and a lot of care and love. Domena worked with us in class and privately. She gave us different techniques to use, especially when Fox was reluctant to respond to one or the other, rather than insisting on one particular “way of going”, as we say in training horses. She taught me to teach Fox, she taught Fox to teach me. As a former teacher, I appreciated her approach, her skill, and her efforts.

The result is a puppy and her family learning mutual respect, good behaviour, and the joy of sharing a life. Domena presents her knowledge and her skill with a generosity of spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. Fox and I are grateful she was in our lives.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Fels”

From Abigail and her 10 week old Labradoodle ‘Shaymus’:

Hi Domena ... I thoroughly enjoyed the other day too and Shay has responded so well to it ... that night he started demand barking and in one foul swoop he was put into his crate ... same thing ... first time he barked for over a minute ... second time hardly at all ... I waited a full 30 sec after he quieted down both times and then the third time there was not a peep out of him ... so what happened there happened here and today he tried it once and I warned him and that has been that ... THANK YOU SO BLOODY MUCH !  LOL ... no seriously ... thank you ... “

From Joanne and her two mature Rottweilers plus one:

“Hi Domena,

Just thought you would like an update on Angel Taz and Duke. All seems well we still watch them really close I'm scared to say they haven't had a fight since we talked to you it was money well spent. Instead of stuffing Kong's, we use old marrow bones. We call them popsicles. Thank you. I find if Taz is in pain he is more grumpy. I got another bottle of antiflamitory for him it works well. Again thank you. You are a life saver.



“Hello Domena,

Just a short note, a girl I know got herself a roti puppy and is having trouble with it biting all the time…. Hope you can help her which I know you can. Our dogs are getting along well we have to be diligent with them...

Thank you again I really appreciate the help you gave us. We sing your praises all the time. We call you the dog whisperer. Take care, and thanks again.


From Gail L., guardian of 3 year old ‘Fox’ after issues with dog to dog aggression:

“Domena, Fox is doing so well!  She's put together brains, training and memory and natural instinct and we are so pleased all of us, including her!  She was a good 30 feet away from me today; I called her name and started a back-away and she galloped up to me and sat at my feet = YES! …

Thank you so much for all your help - it's paying off beautifully and we will keep up the training of course.  In fact, I am giving Jessie (our neighbour) your dog lessons to help her, too, as Mya tends to be like Fox, the boss. 

… there aren't enough thanks in the world to pass on to you for helping Fox grow up to be an almost 3 year old sensible dog.

Cheers – Gail”

From Kate and her 4 year old, second-hand WelshTerrier ’Becky’:

“Greetings Domena

Thank you for the excellent lessons for Becky and myself. It really has made a difference. I continue to use all the techniques that you have suggested. Becky can see other dogs now without any problems, and if appropriate greets them without any issues. … If you are having a STEP II class....let me know. Otherwise, we are doing okay and will continue as we have been. Happy Gardening! Thanks again, Kate and Becky”

and later

“Hi Domena

Nice to hear from you.....the techniques still work perfectly for Becky. It certainly has made life easier and our walks more enjoyable. It works for all kinds of things such as noisy wagons pulled by bikes and golf carts going by us on the road. … for me it was the dog aggressive issue I was most concerned about am very happy with my and Becky's progress. Thanks again Domena


From Elisabeth and her 7 year old, second hand English Cocker Spaniel M.,
(after taking the ‘Re-socializing Your Dog Safely’ class):

“Hi Domena,


I have to share my success with you! I was walking M. this afternoon and barking down a driveway came a Border Collie. M. looked at the dog then at me!!! I was almost stunned but without too much time lapse I grabbed M.'s orange ball from my pocket and said 'yes, catch' and off we went, he was one happy dog and I was ecstatic!. The owner of the Border Collie appeared promptly and called her dog which went to her right away so we had a very good experience. It was so rewarding to see the results of your class the day after graduation.


You did an excellent job teaching Dog to Dog I and I feel anyone taking lessons from you for the first time got more than their money's worth with all the information you gave on Leadership.


Now that I have more control over M. I'm starting to think of getting another dog …


Thanks for helping out so,


and later

“On your website you say you want people to be able to enjoy their dogs and you certainly accomplished that for us. I can't imagine what things would be like around here if you hadn't stepped in. It's interesting when I see people that haven't seen Matthew for awhile because they can't get over the change in him. Elisabeth”

From Pat W. and her 10 week old Samoyed ‘Leela’:

“Good morning Domena,

Thank you again for the instruction yesterday. It was very worthwhile and enjoyable. I'm seeing progress with Leela already.…

and later

“Your instruction has made a huge difference in my ability to manage Leela effectively. The "off" is truly a magical tool! She hasn't bitten again, although she still pretends to occasionally. Sometimes I can see her re-think her intention in mid-lunge.

Thanks very much, Pat Warden”

From Jill and one year old ‘Chilly’:


Gabriel and I wanted to send you an email expressing our gratitude for your
help and guidance with Chilly. My last couple walks with her have seen great
promise and change in our interaction and I have come to look forward to our
daily walks rather than hesitating and looking for reasons to postpone them.
I really thank you for taking the time out to meet with Chilly and I …
Thank you,
Be well,
Jill Nava Chaney”

From Cindy and her rescued Bassethound ‘Sally’:

“Oh Domena, your email was so very helpful!  I think you have totally pegged right into her brain, you describe her to a T, and I will absolutely follow what you say…


Sally says thank you to both you … for being her guardian angels, and helping her mom understand her. … “

From Rita and her 9 month old Shilo Shepherd:

” Hi Domena;
 Thank you for the recipe and I am very glad to have met and worked with

 you today. My introduction with the children went very well. For the first
 time we were all able to stand together in the kitchen without Layla
 jumping wild. Of course I instructed the children to enter in a calm low
 key manner. One child at a time Layla learned to either sit or walk around
 and not jump. I ran her in the woods for an hour prior to them coming
 home. I also waited for 15min for Layla to completely calm herself down
 before I let the children greet her. This really helped. I am excited to
 see these changes. We are looking forward to seeing you next weekend.